Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in Malta: Explanation & FAQ

We have put together an FAQ to answer the most important questions about energy performance vertificates (EPCs) in Malta.

What is an energy performance certificate (EPC)?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) rates the energy performance of a property on a scale of A-G and gives advice on how the building can be more energy efficient. An EPC is required by Maltese law and needs to be presented to the tenant or the buyer.

Where can I get an energy performance certificate in Malta?

An EPC can be obtained from an Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) assessor who is registered with the Building Regulation Office (BRO).

How much does an energy performance certificate (EPC) cost?

The BRO charges a registration fee of € 75 for each certificate. There is no standard fee for an EPC as the assessor sets the fee independently.

For how long is an EPC valid?

An energy performance certificate is valid for 10 years.

What happens if I do not have an EPC?

If you fail to provide an EPC to the Building Regulation Office, you may incur a fine of € 500 – € 5000.

In case you have further questions about the EPC please leave a comment or message us. You can learn more about property selling procedures in our property sellers’ guide.

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