Guide To Selling Property In Malta 2020

How to sell your property in 3 steps

Our optimized process of selling real estate involves three simple steps:

  1. Get a free property valuation

    Our area experts will visit and value your property according to the market situation

  2. Finding a buyer

    We will create professional promotional material of your property, list it on our website and advertise it through various channels until we find the right buyer.

  3. Finalizing the sale

    We will negotiate the selling price on your behalf and assist you with all the required legal work.

After agreeing on a selling price the preliminary agreement (konvenju) is drafted by a notary which binds seller and buyer to conclude the property transaction within typically 3 months. This time period is known as the term of konvenju. During the term of konvenju the final deed must be signed which completes the sale through transferring the property ownership from seller to buyer. Property sellers are also obliged to provide an energy performance certificate (EPC) to the buyer.

Taxes on property sales in Malta

What is the property transfer tax rate in Malta?

The standard property transfer tax rate is 8 % of the property value. If the property was purchased before 1st of January 2004 it is subject to a tax rate of 10 %. This tax is also referred to as capital gains tax or final withholding tax.

Who is eligible for a reduced property transfer tax rate?

If the property is being sold within 5 years after acquiring it, the final withholding tax is reduced to 5 % of the property value.

Are there any exemptions from paying the property transfer tax?

Yes, in case you lived in the property for at least three years and sell it within 12 months after moving out, you will be exempt from paying the property transfer tax. In some other rare cases such as donations you may be exempt from paying tax on capital gains.

Are you ready to sell your property fast?

Just fill in our contact form and tell us about your property. One of our real estate consultants will be in touch shortly to sort out the details. Also, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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