Estate Agency Fees and commission rates for real estate agents in Malta

Most real estate agencies in Malta charge the same commission rates. The fee for a real estate agent depends on the kind of real estate service (letting, commercial, sales). Our table shows the standard commission rates for estate agents in Malta.

Agency FeePaid by
Residential Long Lets50 % of 1 months’ rent + VATTenant & Owner
Residential Short Lets10 % of the total rent + VATTenant & Owner
Commercial Rentals10 % of 1 years’ rent + VATTenant & Owner
Residential Sales5 % + VATUsually owner
Standard commission rates for Maltese estate agents. VAT rate is 18 %

In case a property seller signs up for a sole agency program, the commission rate is usually reduced to 3,5 %. A sole agency program grants one real estate agency exclusive rights to market the property for a specific time of usually 90 days.

The commission rate for a real estate broker amounts to 1 % of the property price.

In case you have any further questions about the fees for real estate agents please leave a comment or message us. If you want to learn more about the Maltese real estate market, please read our property buyers’ or rental guide.

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