Notary in Malta: Fees and how to find one

We have put together an FAQ to answer the most important questions about notary services in Malta.

What is the cost of a notary in Malta?

The notary fee payable to the Notary Public in Malta is usually 1 % of the purchase price. Notary fees in Malta are fixed by law and depend on the necessary work. The Maltese notarial council provides a calculator for notary fees on their website.

How do I find a notary in Malta?

Your real estate agent can usually assist in choosing a notary. If you are not working with an agent you can find a notary on the website of the Maltese Notariat or on Yellow Pages.

What does a notary do?

A notary drafts legal documents (e.g. promise of sale, final deed of sale) that are required for a property purchase. During the term of konvenju the notary carries out title searches to ensure that the property in question really belongs to the seller and verifies that there are no mortgages or any outstanding debts on the property.

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