Stamp Duty on Property in Malta

Property buyers in Malta have to pay a property tax called stamp duty. We have put together an FAQ to help you understand the concept of stamp duty in Malta.

What is the stamp duty rate in Malta?

The standard stamp duty rate is 5 % of the property purchase price.

What is the provisional stamp duty rate in Malta?

The provisional stamp duty rate is 1 % and due on signing the promise of sale. The remaining 4 % stamp duty is due on signing the final deed.

Who has to pay the stamp duty?

The stamp duty is paid in full by the property buyer.

I am a first-time buyer. Do I have to pay stamp duty?

First-time buyers in Malta are exempt from paying stamp duty on the first € 175.000 of the properties’ price. The remaining value of the property is taxed at 5 %. If you are buying a property in Gozo, the stamp duty rate is reduced to 2.5 % of the remaining property price.

Is stamp duty charged on the contents of the property (e.g. furniture)?

No, stamp duty is only charged on the property price excluding all contents.

If you have any further questions relating to property taxes feel free to leave a comment, drop us a message or reach out to one of our estate agents or partnering property agencies. In case you want to learn more about purchasing a property in Malta, we recommend reading our property buyers’ guide.

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